Today’s post about Sunday hunting is brought to us by the Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation (PCF).  The sportsmen’s organization was founded in 2008 to promote the use of crossbows as hunting tools to manage wildlife.  The organization uses education and outreach to advocate the use of crossbows, foster meaningful landowner relationships, and create partnerships among hunting organizations.  To learn more about the PCF, visit their website at

We encourage other sportsmen’s groups to support the repeal of the ban on Sunday hunting and for the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) to be able to regulate Sunday hunting.  – Roxane Palone

“At the core of the mission of the Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation, is the objective to increase participation in hunting and to recruit new hunters into our sport.  Our organization believes that the inclusion of crossbows into our archery seasons has resulted in positive gains in both areas.  We also believe that there are many options to further add to these positive gains.  Sunday hunting has long been a point of contention among many groups, including the sportsmen of this state.  Unfortunately the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s hands are tied on this issue as our state’s General Assembly currently regulates Sunday hunting. 

The Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation has been made aware of a willingness from some of our state’s representatives to consider legislation that would essentially give regulatory control of Sunday hunting to the PGC.  As a result of this movement, the PCF swiftly polled its membership on this exact scenario.  The results of our poll revealed overwhelming support for the PGC having regulatory control of Sunday hunting.

The PCF feels very strongly that the issue of Sunday hunting is a “seasons and bag limits” issue and that the PGC should have regulatory control.  Our organization also believes that allowing hunting seven days of the week will provide much needed opportunities for those who struggle to find the time to enjoy our sport.  With hunter numbers decreasing and our youth being subjected to many distractions, Sunday hunting will help to slow the loss and bring sporting families further together on the weekends. 

If legislation does pass, the PCF would urge a slow, guarded approach.  While the benefits of Sunday hunting are numerous, many factors must be considered before the addition of Sundays to a particular season is implemented.  The PCF trusts that the PGC would weigh all factors with due diligence before adding additional potential high harvest days to a season. 

While this issue is currently controlled by the state legislature, the Pennsylvania Crossbow Federation would like the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Board of Commissioners (BOC) to consider passing a formal resolution that supports our state’s General Assembly, through legislation, relinquishing regulatory control of Sunday hunting and passing the torch to our state’s game agency.    This opportunity has never been better and the time for action is now.  If this resolution is passed at a PGC meeting, a clear message will be sent to our representatives that the PGC is prepared and willing to assume this responsibility.  Again, the PCF urges the PGC’s BOC to pass this resolution in support of regulatory control.  The future of hunting in Pennsylvania would benefit immensely from this potential action.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter.”